Exercise is any form of movement which requires your muscles to work, and your body to burn calories.

There are many forms of exercise which you can do like swimming, walking, jogging amongst others. Being active comes with many health benefits both mentally and physically, and they may even help you have a longer lifespan.

To begin with, exercise makes you happier. It has been proved that, exercise has the capacity to improve your mood, and reduce the prospects of feeling anxious, stressed and depressed.

There are some changes in some parts of the brain which are responsible for the regulation of anxiety and stress.

In this same light, exercise also improves the production of endorphins which is known for the production of feelings which decline the feeling of pain.

Exercise also helps you to lose weight. When it comes to obesity and weight gain, it would interest you to know that, exercise is an integral factor.

Exercising on a regular basis helps to step-up the rate of metabolism, which aids you to burn more calories when weight is lost. Exercising also helps in maintenance of muscle mass and weight loss.

Also, exercise helps to increase energy levels. It is a profound booster for healthy people, and those who are suffering from diverse medical conditions.

Energy appreciably increases the energy levels for people who have serious health problems and chronic fatigue symptoms.

Also, for illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer and the likes, exercising helps to increase energy levels for people who are suffering from them.

It would also interest you to know that, exercising helps to improve your brain memory and health. Exercising aids to improve the functioning of the brain and the thinking skills of your memory.

To start with, your heart rate is increased, and this enhances the flow of oxygen and blood to your brain. It also promotes the production of hormones which help the growth of brain cells.

To wrap it up, exercise helps you to relax well, and it improves the quality of your sleep. When you exercise, there is an increase in body temperature, and when you sleep it drops.

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