nutrition detoxThe most obvious component of a detox is nutrition. The substances a person ingests represent a majority of their chemical makeup. Therefore, the diet plan in a detox is essential to its success. The average person ingests substances on a daily basis that increase the levels of toxicity within their bodies. In order to counteract the harmful effects of these toxins, a person needs to create a diet plan consisting of foods that cleanse the system of foreign bodies and toxins. This diet plan is usually specific to what kind of toxins the person has been ingesting, but there are general detoxifying foods that should be included in every person’s detox diet. Professional detoxification centers, such as Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary detox centers have similar diet plans for their clients to follow. For example:

  • Berries, citrus and other antioxidants. These fruits and a number of other vegetables are rich in antioxidants and acidity that cleanse the system of toxins. They also contain a high number of vitamins that boost the body’s immune system, as well as many other bodily systems.
  • Leafy greens. Kale, spinach, arugula and bok choy are dark leafy greens that are rich in calcium and vitamins. These vegetables play an important part role in detoxifying the body and giving the body basic nutrients.
  • Jalapenos and other spicy peppers. These types of peppers are loaded with vitamin C, and their level of spice and acidity are enormously system cleansing and beneficial to the body.
  • Coconut oil. This type of oil has been found to be highly beneficial in restoring the body’s health. Coconut oil has numerous benefits, such as replacing depleted potassium levels, providing the body with healthy fats and lipids, resetting the metabolism and giving the skin and hair nutrients.
  • Avocado. This super food is loaded with healthy fats, omega 3’s and vitamins. The avocado is particularly good for the skin and nails, as well as for detoxifying the liver.
  • Healthy proteins. Protein is essential to our metabolism, and should be included in every detox. Healthy proteins include fish, nuts, eggs, quinoa and a variety of lean meats.

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