exercise detoxOne cannot arrange for a detox without incorporating exercise into their plan. Exercise is one of the most fundamental tools in strengthening a person’s detox and health. The benefits to exercise are endless, boosting a person’s mental and physical health. By exercising regularly, or even strenuously if a detox calls for it, you will release toxins from your body, increase your muscle mass, strengthen your cardio vascular system, burn fat and increase your mental health.

Releasing toxins through exercise is a basic process. Exercise speeds up the metabolism and the body’s circulation. This means a person’s body can use the food it takes in more efficiently and distribute it through out the body evenly. It also means that the body will identify toxins faster and work them out of the system. Exercise opens the sweat glands to release toxins naturally. Everything about exercise is detoxifying.

Exercise will also increase muscle mass, work the cardiovascular system and burn fat. Increased muscle mass will naturally give a person increased strength, taking pressure off the joints and putting it where it belongs. The cardiovascular system needs to maintain good flow to prevent blockage and poor circulation and exercise is how one achieves this. Excessive fat storage is a form of toxicity, so keeping it under control through exercise is a means of keeping the body rid of toxins.

And lastly, exercise is also a way of detoxing the mind. Exercise is known to greatly increase mental health for a number of reasons. One reason is that it releases endorphins, the brain chemical known for giving energy and a peaceful state of mind. Another reason is because when a person reflects and meditates while they are exercising, they are using many areas of their brain at once, which is excellent for healthy brain function. Plus, it simply helps the chemicals of the brain flow easier, which promotes good mental health. There are endless reasons why exercise should be part of your detoxification.

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